A winter view of fields near Scaldwell Northamptonshire

Northamptonshire is a lovely county with something for everyone, beautiful countryside, classic houses and villages.  You can access nature almost anywhere in the county. Even in Abington Park, you may see Parrakets and even Otters!  Some of the walks throughout the county are just wonderful as they follow the river or you encounter rolling hills like the image above. There is an argument for the fact that the Cotswolds starts in the Daventry area. Certainly, some of the prettiest villages can be found to the west of the county.

Why The 57 Triangles! you might ask? Find out here

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James Trusler.

It contains many interesting articles about our lovely county.


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Working from Home and new lifestyles

Working from Home and new lifestyles

Society changes and evolves all the time. Sometimes as a result of a shock (war for example) where things speed up or change direction completely. At the present, we are undergoing a digital revolution (If you had not realised) and its impact is becoming profound in how we live our daily lives.



Anyone interested in journalism should consider having a blog (practice makes perfect). Convert your hobby or passion into a blog and let other people share your knowledge and ideas. 

Does Your Skin Look Good Naked?

Does Your Skin Look Good Naked?

According to a recent poll 45% of us wouldn’t leave home without make-up, quite a staggering statistic when you think about it.
So to all of you who’ve ever felt ‘meh’ without make-up it’s time to change the shame and insecurity you feel surrounding your skin.

Staying Safe Online

Staying Safe Online

I use the internet every day and I take security very seriously and so should you. Too many times friends and clients have telephoned me asking for help because they have a problem resulting from bad practice on their phone, tablet or PC.

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On the ‘Northamptonshire walks’ great site, you will find all you need concerning walks in Northamptonshire

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